At fíor, we believe you should always look good and feel good about your choices. We aim for 100% transparency in the sourcing and production of our materials, so you know exactly where each component comes from and how it was created. Our goal is to create a sustainable, ethical, and beautiful product.




Cork is a great material and fíor's best friend. It's durable, it's sustainable, and it's beautiful. But did you know that it can also be recycled? Cork stoppers are made from cork bark, which is taken from trees. These trees are then replanted after the harvest of their bark. The large worldwide consumption of wine means that an enormous amount of cork is produced. Although cork has excellent natural properties, and if disposed of in the garbage these natural stoppers are biodegradable and do not pollute the environment. However, and there is always a but, the natural decomposition process release CO2 into the atmosphere contributing to global warming.

Cork has such great resistance characteristics, if we recycle the stoppers and incorporate them for other uses and purposes beyond the initial one, we are giving this material a new lease of life. There are several examples where cork stoppers are reused with enormous success, in kayak boats, tennis balls, badminton rackets and lastly fashion.



The Recycled Cork Sole by fíor


At fíor, our core motivation is to make a positive difference. That's why we partner with a manufacturer who collects cork from producers and restaurants in their local area and incorporate it into the manufacture of these innovative soles. We love the results and we ended up with a unique, sustainable and beautiful sole with 30% less rubber.